A product name synonymous with the XMiX brand itself, the Urban & Club series continues to reign supreme as our best-selling monthly series. With a solid tracklisting of the newest and hottest Hip-Hop, R&B, reggae and club-banging music, each issue features separately remixed tracks with mixable intros, outros, and beat breaks. Our team of industry-active DJ/producers also stack each remix high with plenty of crowd-pumping samples and production to make sure your crowd never stops moving. If that's not enough, we also include bonus "DJ Tools" on every issue, adding even more punch with select party break edits, mash-ups, dirty versions and more.
    Let the dance floor erupt. The longest-running series to bear the XMiX badge, the XMiX Dance Series showcases the best of new house, EDM and commercial dance titles. Whether extended versions of popular remixes, or reworked, reconstructed versions exclusive to XMiX, transitions are made seamless thanks to easy-to-mix intros and outros.
    Released every month, the Chartbusters remix series features clean original versions with mixable DJ-friendly intros and outros. Without any added samples or hype content, this series has quickly become a favorite of mobile and radio jocks. Every Chartbusters release delivers the latest and greatest Top 40, Rock, Urban, Country, and Latin hits, making this collection a valuable tool for any type of entertainer.
    Radioactive Rhythm & Top 40
    Featuring radio edits of today's breaking dance, rhythmic, and Top 40 crossover tracks, the Radioactive Rhythm & Top 40 series is your key to staying on top of the radio industry's most current music. Keep your library stocked with each of our monthly Radioactive radio edit series, and you'll always be ready for the next request.
    Radioactive URBAN RADIO
    With up to twenty-two tracks per issue, the Radioactive Urban Radio series is where you'll find the hits, before they're hits. Programmed with clean content, look to the latest Urban Radio compilation for radio edits and alternative versions of today's breaking Hip-Hop and R&B.
    Radioactive ROCK & COUNTRY
    Loaded with the latest breaking Rock, Alternative, Country and Adult Contemporary music, the Radioactive Rock & Country series perfectly complements your library with a collection of popular new music. A must-have for DJs playing to bars, weddings, or mobile events, this multi-genre series keeps you covered.
    Seamlessly beat-mix and create your own megamix with Short Cutz! Each Short Cutz volume serves up twenty-four of the hottest club tracks, each separately remixed with clean 32-beat intros and outros, and edited down to about 3 minutes. With both current and throwback hip-hop, R&B, and reggae favorites, Short Cutz edits will perfectly round out your mix sets with exclusive hands-up remixes, mash-ups, and party breaks.
    Stand out from your competition by playing those timeless jams of the past without the same old stale sound. Classic party tracks of different eras and genres are remixed and produced with upbeat samples, and clean easy-to-spin intros, outros, and beat breaks. Go back in time with XMiX Club Classics and keep the party moving!
    One of our most popular series to date, Dancehall Devastation is a must have for any DJ spinning urban or reggae, whether at the block party or in the club. This series uses the same non-stop production style of our Essential Megamixes, but with speaker-crushing reggae, dancehall, and latin tracks. Each mix averages twelve to twenty minutes and features multiple beat breaks to help you easily mix in and out. Along with the hottest riddims and hard-to-find island tracks, check out the Total Recall mix on each issue for an exclusive mix of the year's biggest hip hop and R&B hits over reggae beats. Ring the alarm with Dancehall Devastation!
    As the ground-breaking series that brought XMiX to life over twenty years ago, XMiX Essential Megamixes continues to keep your crowd moving with non-stop, party rocking medleys. No matter the type of event or age of the crowd, turn to Essential Megamixes for a collection of must-have party classics in DJ-style continuous mixes. Each Megamix averages 15-18 minutes and features DJ-friendly intros, outros, and breaks with just the right amount of hype-inducing samples and production.
    video and Singles
    For those jocks spinning strictly video, or the growing number of DJs incorporating visuals into their shows, XMiX brings you the best of both worlds by putting our exclusive remixes on the screen. Our professional video editors use special effects to extend and recreate the artist's original music video to match the XMiX version. The end result is a high quality, mix-friendly video, with tried and true hits selected from both our current and back catalog.
    Individual titles listed on our site as "Digital Single" are available for download only, and are not from an XMiX series issue. These bonus tracks- added daily and available exclusively to Platinum Subscribers- may include unedited "dirty" versions, alternate versions, instrumentals, acapellas, and more. Record labels often release multiple remixes or versions of a single song. While only one version may be featured on an XMiX release, you'll often find the alternate versions here. Conversely, brand new titles may first be available for download as a Digital Single before appearing on an XMiX issue. This is our way of ensuring that you have the newest music as soon as it's available.
    That big new track just dropped. The gig is only hours away. You need a mixable version, and you need it NOW. Enter the XMiX Xpress Remix Series, featuring mixable edit and remix versions of brand spankin' new songs- EVERY WEEK. These new download-exclusive mixes come to you only from XMiX, and are different from any additional version that may appear on a future XMiX monthly series release. To add even more playability and appeal to different DJ formats, Xpress remixes feature artists and titles from a variety of music genres.
    Exclusive to Platinum Subscribers and available only with the XMiX Digital download service, the XMiX Latin series keeps your library stocked with the most requested Bachata, Reggaeton, Merengue and Salsa titles. Look for new releases added regularly throughout each month.