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    You must be a professional working DJ to subscribe to or purchase any XMiX products.
    All XMiX music is intended for use by one (1) DJ only in any format (physical or digital), and to be used exclusively by the sole Licensee/Subscriber listed on the completed subscription agreement. Use of any XMiX product beyond its purpose is strictly prohibited. All XMiX subscriptions require a signed user agreement.

    Subscription terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Please check our support page available on our website for updated terms and conditions.

    Credit card on file must maintain an available balance for your recurring subscription cost. Your monthly subscription payment will automatically be charged during the last week of each month for the following month's music. Failed credit card charge transactions will result in a $5.00 decline fee for each declined transaction. To avoid these fees and temporary suspension of your account, be sure to contact our sales department anytime you receive a new or updated credit card or debit card.

    MOVING ?
    If you're moving, you must notify us of any address change at least 2 weeks before you move. We are not responsible for any packages shipped to an outdated address. Please note that if you are having your mail forwarded, the USPS mail forwarding service expires after a certain period, and while active can result in a 3-4 week delay in delivery.

    XMiX reserves the right to watermark it's CDs, DVDs, Mp3s, audio, video, and/or digital files. This allows a unique marker to identify the media specifically sent to you via any format available.

    Copying, selling, sharing, or redistributing of any XMIX music (via any format) is strictly prohibited. You cannot sell, trade, or discard your original CDs, DVDs or digital files at any time. You cannot share your XMIX download account, user name and/or password with anyone. Violation of these terms will result in immediate termination of user account. Your XMIX customer account and all future sales will be permanently terminated, and/or the account holder will be prosecuted. Violation of these terms will also be reported to any additional parties involved.

    All XMiX products are restricted for use by professional DJs, radio stations, and music industry professionals. The terms and conditions apply to all XMiX product, including but not limited to prior purchases, music subscriptions, audio CDs, video, and digital media. None of the music and videos released by XMiX can in any way be sold, shared, duplicated, or rented. Distribution in any manner, in part or as a whole, including but not limited to all forms of digital encoding or duplication onto any format, is expressly prohibited.

    All cancellations require a full one-month notice, and must be cancelled by contacting our sales department during regular business hours by phone at (978) 649-2525. Your account will continue to be billed until you have called to confirm cancellation with an XMiX sales representative. Subscriber will be responsible for any unpaid portion of current or previously held subscriptions.

    Upon notice of subscription cancellation, any or all promotions are immediately void, including but not limited to, special pricing, back issue download access and XMiX Digital Crate Keys.

    All cancelled/terminated subscribers who would like to resubscribe at any time in the future will be required to sign a one-year commitment agreement.