What is XMiX ?

    XMiX Remix & Compilation is a promotional music service. We offer a "one stop shop" product line of both remix and radio edit music compilations for professionals in the DJ and entertainment industries. With multiple series dedicated to both new music and timeless party favorites alike, XMiX serves mobile, nightclub, and radio DJs across the globe with music and video tools guaranteed to bring any show to the next level.

    Since 1992 XMiX has continuously worked with both globally recognized and independently operated record labels to deliver the best in new music from multiple formats. Crediting our team of industry-active programmers and award-winning producers, the XMiX brand has time and time again revolutionized the style of remix production available to professional DJs, as well as the concept and standards of what a music service should be.

    From the very first vinyl pressings, to our numerous CD series releases, and into the current era of software-based DJing, XMIX has and will continue to lead the pack in professional remixes and new music compilations. More than a pool- This is XMiX. Top

    Can I Subscribe to XMiX ?

    XMiX is a promotional service available exclusively to professional working DJs. When registering for a FREE ACCOUNT, please use the questionnaire to provide as much information as possible about yourself and your DJ company in order to qualify. Top

    What do I receive with the Platinum Subscription ?

    Platinum Subscribers receive every new XMIX series release each month (starting the month you join), including our exclusive remix and radio compilations, daily digital singles, and remix videos. See our SUBSCRIPTION PAGE for available format options and pricing. For complete tracklistings of the latest XMiX releases, check out our MONTHLY SERIES PAGE. Top

    If I purchase a subscription, when will it be activated ?

    New subscriptions begin with the current month's releases. New customers will be subject to approval, and will be required to submit a subscriber policy agreement. Once your application is approved, your download account will then become active. Top

    Are all of the XMiX series remixed ?

    With the exception of our Radioactive radio edit series, all XMIX issues are remixed versions of the original songs. Check out our PRODUCTS PAGE for detailed descriptions of each XMiX series.

    Titles categorized as "Digital Singles" may feature either radio edits or remixes, and are available only as download releases. Top

    I'm a current subscriber. How do I update my billing info ?

    Changing or updating the credit card on file for your subscription account is simple:
    1. Log into your XMiX account and click on the MY ACCOUNT tab.
    2. Select BILLING and follow the instructions. Top

    How do I open the files I downloaded ?

    A "crate" of files downloaded from our site is delivered in a single zip file. Most operating systems come equipped with a program to open or "unzip" these file types. Once opened, the tracks or video in your downloaded file can be dragged-and-dropped to a desired location on your computer's hard drive. Top

    I downloaded some stuff, but the files won't open or play.
    What's up with that ?

    If you experienced any error or interruption in service while downloading, you might have a "corrupt" download file. Please contact to submit any reported issues, and be sure to include your name, contact information, and specific songs/videos affected in your message.

    PLEASE NOTE: To avoid this from happening and making you sad, we strongly recommend using a wired internet connection when downloading files from Top

    Still have questions ?

    We're here to help! Give us a call at 800-711-9649 or email us at International customers, dial (978) 649-2525. Top