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Here you will find high quality MP3s of most titles featured on XMIX issues, as well as other songs and bonus materials, including instrumentals, acapellas, remix videos and more. XMIXDIGITAL will always provide you with the current month's music; new files are added every month, while older files are deleted. All files are scheduled to expire and must be downloaded before the posted expiration date.

You may download any file of your choosing in the digital area. The download link will be removed from each file once our system has verified your successful receipt of that file (You may redownload up to 3 attempts within 45min). You may sort content by clicking the header at the top of the file columns. A low quality audio preview of each song may be streamed by clicking the play button to the left of each song. The Preview Window at the bottom of the page displays all relevant information for each file highlighted.

As a digital subscriber, XMIX requires that you rate the songs you choose to download. You may rate a song at any time, either before you have downloaded it, or even in the weeks to follow. The 'Preview Window' at the bottom of the page displays the XMIX rating (average) and your individual "My Rating". To rate a song, simply select a file and click star 1 through 5 under "My Rating." See chart below for rating scale:

LOVE Top track, I play it every week
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OK Played at least once & would play again
DISLIKE Played once & won't unless requested
HATE Won't play again




We do not support using a wireless connection while downloading files from our XMiX Digital. We recommend using a wired connection plugged directly to your model/router. If you must use wireless, try downloading individual files and testing each file immediately to verify it's full contents.


You are responsible for backing up your files on a local computer or external hardrive. We do not provide a back up of your downloaded files.


You can download up to 25 MP3 files at once by adding them to your crate. Simply select a file and click the to the right of each song. NOTE: The file status should now display "In Crate" and MY CRATE will now display the total items in your crate. (example "1 item") To download all titles in your crate, click "My Crate" and choose "download crate"


You may sort all XMiX Digital content by date. Simply click on the header titled "POSTED" at the top of the file column. You may click again to switch between ascending or descending. If a file is selected, you will have to manually scroll to view the latest files (at top or bottom of the page).